Notary Public Fees

Notary Public Fees

Except in the case of complex matters we will agree with you beforehand a fixed fee.  If, however at the appointment the matter proves to be more complicated or there are more documents or people involved that first indicated or legalisation is required, we reserve the right to renegotiate the fee or agree to charge you at or hourly rate.

The present hourly rate is £275.  Rogers Hill reserves the right to vary the rate, in respect of extremely urgent work or work done outside ordinary office hours or at the weekend. We are currently not registered for VAT. The charges are normally payable on the signing of the document or on the receipt of the notarised document.  If  a bill is rendered in respect of the work, payment will be due when you receive the bill.

The fixed fee includes all work undertaken on your matter from start to finish including preliminary details and advice, preparation, attendances, drafting, phone calls, correspondence including emails, faxes, copying documents and the completion of the register and protocol.  Letters, emails and phone calls are charged at a minimum of six minute units or otherwise at the time taken.


You are responsible for all payments which Rogers Hill make on your behalf.  Typical examples are legalisation fees paid to the Foreign and Commonwealth Office and/or an Embassy, legalisation agents’ fees, Companies Registry fees, couriers fees and special postage charges.  However, Rogers Hill shall not incur these expenses without first obtaining your consent to do so.

For more information about Notary Public fees or to book an appointment please contact us on Northampton 01604 258558 or Corby & Kettering offices 01536 276727 or email