Northampton Notary Public

Martin Hill

Martin Hill, is the resident Notary Public at the Rogers Hill Northampton office.  Martin undertakes notary work for both private individuals and commercial clients who are engaged in international trade.

Northampton Notary Services for Private Clients

Martin Hill provides a full range of Notary Public services including but not limited to: witnessing and certifying signatures to documents, certifying a photograph is a true likeness, swearing of Affidavits and attesting of declarations, certification of public documents and verifications of advice and translations. For the full range of Notary Public services for a private individual, please click here.

Northampton Notary Services for Companies

Northampton Notary Public, Martin Hill, provides a variety of services to companies which include: witnessing and/or certification of company documents, Powers of Attorney, swearing of Affidavits by a company director and verification of general information regarding a company. The full list of commercial Notary Public services can be found by clicking here.

Northampton Notary Public Fees and Terms

All Notary Services are provided on an agreed fixed fee basis, except in the case of complex matters. For the full terms of the Notary Public services we provide click here. Details regarding Notary Public fees can also be viewed here.

How to Prepare for your Appointment

When you make an appointment to see a Notary Public you must provide current identification. We will require a current Passport or Photocard driving licence and a bank statement or utility bill from within the last 3 months. To see the full list of identification and for other helpful information about preparing for an appointment with Northampton Notary Public, click here.

Making an Appointment

Whether you are a private individual or a representing a commercial entity, you can make an appointment to see Northampton Notary Public, Martin Hill, by calling 01604 258558 or by emailing

Rogers Hill Notary Public, Northampton office is conveniently located at:

1 Waterside Way
Bedford Road